A man killed in Virtual Reality Video Scary

Virtual reality is among the new comers of disruptive technology.

Virtual reality videos that are scary is as well a new phenomena.

You tubers with the ability to buy virtual reality headsets have started posting these videos online.

What is virtual reality?

According to a website marxentlabs VR is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment, this will involve seeing through a gadget like Google cardboard or occulus rift.

Caution: Don’t make your kids watch through any VR gadget without your supervision.

1. Most scary VR video dare to watch on google cardboard

This video resembles a hallway with a feminine figure inthe right of passage where you have to pass

do not watch this if you creep easily

by the time you think the femine figure is the furthest. it creeps out and shouts at you with blood all over its feet.

2. Virtual reality roller coaster: scary VR Video with sea Kraken

Virtual Reality Video Scary
Virtual Reality Video Scary

This is a VR roller coaster that submerges you into the deep ocean.

Under water expect to see the Virtual Reality Monsters

  • Under water monsters
  • giant kraken
  • sea monsters

This virtual reality video was published by Onrichflow.

3. SCARY NUN VR 360° Video [Google Cardboard] Horror Virtual Reality Videos 360°

virtual Reality video scary
virtual Reality video scary

A picture of a nun: coming out of the wall! This VR is Crazy.

Lets say you keep running in the hallway. lights are on and off. the wall is patterned with vintage wall paper.

Before you know , the door burst open

You start falling down into darkness

Circular beems of light start rotating around you.

Doyou see a picture of a nun on the wall.

My ghoosh! the picture of a nun will start coming after you, and Damn

4. New Scary Roller Coaster 3D Video: Virtual Reality Creepy Videos for Smartphone & VR Box or Gear VR

This is not your normal roller coaster, its an octopus roller coaster.

and You re not riding alone

Do you know skeletons! have you ridden a path full of skeltons. these are not collegues my friend.

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By Jerry S.