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Health | The world health organisations (WHO) states that ” a state of complete physical mental and social well being and not merely the absence of desease is HEALTH.”

Epidermics almost turning to pandemics like Sars brought Asia to her Knees

Ebola in west africa almost galloped the whole region in a days! risking also the european doctors lives in america and European continents

Disruptimes.com features Health, even in the least advancement in health Techs that can save this world.

  • from tips on brushing your teeth to advanced techs of treating HIV using bone marrow.

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White Claw in scarcity, 10 reasons why Americans cherish it and will break in!

If you have never taken white claw, go and hung!

Spaniards 2019 have made the Human Monkey god today; Is ORGAN HARVESTING taking us...

the Human Monkey god today; Is ORGAN HARVESTING taking us to Hell. Its the business of the future is to be dangerous! 1. The human monkey god 2. Human monkey DNA 3. Human monkeypox, 4. Monkey hug(s) human, 5. monkey growing with human, 6. monkey with human eyes 7. Human with monkey tail 8. Monkey holding human baby

Anne Hathaway, Infertility, Second pregnancy in 2019 and 100 things you need to know...

Anne Hathaway, Infertility, Second pregnancy and 100 things you need to know about her. 1. Anne Hathaway 2. Anne Hathaway Movies 3. Anne Hathaway Age 4. Anne Hathaway Husband 5. Anne Hathaway Net Worth 6. Anne Hathaway Catwoman 7. Anne Hathaway In Princess Diaries 8. Anne Hathaway Princess Diaries 9. Anne Hathaway The Princess Diaries 10. Anne Hathaway Height

Top 100 Neural Dust features of 2019, you should know about this Bioelectronic medicine...

Neural Dust | Its the business of the future to be dangerous 1. Powered by ultrasound 2. Smaller than a grain of sand 3. Reads and writes nerve activity
Disruptive Virtual Reality Technology

Top 10 Virtual Reality Companies Leading in Disruptive Technology in 2019, that US~ARMY kept...

Its the business of the future to be dangerous. The Irony is that the US military might will never...
Stefanie Sherk, Wife of Demian Bichir, Dies at 37

Stefanie Sherk ‘s life| Top 5+ things surrounding her death in 2019

6. The top website that are leading in Stefanie sherk’s Death According to the trending searches by google trends. The name Stefanie Sherk ranked highest in Americas history, with over 50K + searches The leading publications Stefanie Shark’s death are; o People.com
Menstrual Cup Virgins

The 2019 MENSTRUAL CUP How to use it| 9+ Myths Virgins should know

The menstrual cup, How to use may seem awkward. You're a Virgin! the reds have come and your...
Virtual Reality

2019 DISRUPTIVE TIMES | FUTURE TECHNOLOGY | What more of the future do we...

The collapse of many mighty companies is as much facilitated by unorthodox technology that creeps up in our line of operation.