3 unique things why Thor_tabby is the most beautiful kitten #Caturday

Imagine and ask yourself why Thor_tabby is trending?


Arsenal FC has never really learnt, understood, appreciated and valued the ...
What machine learning algorithm does Netflix use

What machine learning algorithm does Netflix use

what-machine-learning-algorithm-does-Netflix-use Do you understand why you will end up buying Netflix Packages: These are the 11 machine learning algorithm does Netflix use. This is magic, Can you Imagine!
Cariol Horne Pension

Cariol Horne WindFall $5 Million USD a Pension: Read why she deserves it.

Cariol Horne fought Police Brutality and Racial Profiling in Buffalo Police. Read why she is set for a reward. IS $5Million TOO MUCH!
Machine Learning for python

7 Best Machine learning Python Websites that will earn you $146,085 Dollars

UT Austin Machine Learning for Python   Udemy Machine Learning for Python  Geek for geeks Machine Learning for...

How is EventBot | a Banking Virus stealing from your wallet during a...

Next time you find your financial wallet dry, EventBot might be the culprit; Cert-In (a Cyber Security agency) warns.

9 Topmost 2019 Grasshopper Invasion Las Vegas things you must know and why it...

Did you if we Las Vegans are not serious this grasshopper invasion could last for a year. See this list: 1. grasshopper invasion Las Vegas 2. grasshopper invasion Las Vegas 3. grasshopper invasion Las Vegas 1998 4. grasshopper invasion Las Vegas 2019 5. grasshopper invasion Las Vegas bible 6. grasshopper invasion Las Vegas bible verse

A Dark Day for the Web in 2019: EU Parliament Approves Damaging Copyright Rules

Today in Strasbourg, the European Parliament voted 348-274 (with 36 abstentions) to approve the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market.  It retains Article 13, the harmful provision...

7 Unique ways virtual reality changes the way you play games forever?

Not too many folks have a VR setup installed in their homes, therefore, they go to escape rooms to play games. It will allow gamers to enter the parallel universe of gaming that they have never imagined. VR gaming offers a gaming experience that is immersive and versatile. 
Google Duo Video Phone Calls in Uganda

Free Video Phone Calls in Uganda: Use Google Duo and Spend no Money at...


If you're one of the people who spend Shs. 1,000 every day on airtime multiply that by 365 days you'll get a total sum of Shs. 365,000. Divide Shs.365000 by the number of beers which cost 3500 @, this will give you 105 bottles of beer.


10 things unique to the ABCI AI SUPERCOMPUTER UPGRADE.

Kai - What is so unique about the ABCI AI SUPERCOMPUTER UPGRADE. Read about the BigMans syndrome, Japanese people have gained.

Iranian a proxy website has been seized by the US. Its Ubiquitous.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the case had not yet been officially announced by the American government, said the U.S. had effectively taken down roughly three dozen websites,...
President Idriss Déby of Chad

SUDDEN DEATH of PRESIDENT IDRISS DéBY OF CHAD: The Next 7 Things To Immediately...

President Idriss Déby of Chad By The Africa Reporter The SUDDEN DEATH of PRESIDENT IDRISS DéBY OF CHAD has caught Africans by surprise since Idriss His...
Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Why lawmakers fuss over big companies using backdoor into the banking sector.

Why lawmakers fuss over big companies using backdoor into the banking sector. Chartered industrial loan companies are potentially risking the banking sector by wanting to operate like banks but are not. Law makers are expressing concern that such banks blend financial services and other commercial activities.

What to Do About Inconsistency and Mediocrity on the Arsenal Team

1. The leadership and management of Arsenal FC needs to clearly demonstrate the repercussions of inconsistency and mediocrity at the club. Mikel Arteta needs to ensure that every player...

51 Most important Larry King’s Burial Ceremony and Funnel Arrangements.

On a sad note on Jan 23rd, 2021, Larry King one of the most iconic, prolific and talented TV host breathed his last at age 87. The world is saddened to hear...